Do you put any Subway Toppings on your sandwich? If you don’t, then you’re missing out on all the free salad you can put into your meal so you can get full. The best way to get full of a Subway sandwich is to add a lot of lettuce and banana peppers. The banana peppers will make you want to eat more lettuce because it’s made of mostly water.

Subway Toppings on a Foot long

Subway Toppings

When people order a foot long subway sandwich, they always fill the foot long up with Subway Toppings till the sandwich couldn’t close properly without it being squeezed down. That’s the best way to eat the sandwich, I mean if you’re buying a sandwich for five dollars you might as well get your whole bucks worth right?

Subway Toppings

Subway Toppings Foot Long

Subway Toppings can even be incorporated into the odd subs such as the Meatball Marinara. To get the most out of a Meatball Marinara, simply fill that whole sub with lettuce and cheese and have it toasted. Having it toasted will increase the “Crunch” whenever you take a bite from it and the cheese will melt in your mouth on every bite.

Treat yourself fill your sandwiches with Subway Toppings.