Find out your local Sandwich Prices. There’s a bunch of delicious styles of sandwiches for you to choose from, the most important factor is the cost of it. That’s why we offer the best amount of food for your buck.

Sandwich Prices

Sandwich Prices

Eating healthy is really a great thing to do, but when you’re stuck between spending a lot of money for a vegetable burger people tend to creep back down to eat unhealthy fast food items. This is why we offer the five dollar foot long, or a 6 inch sub for lower Sandwich Prices. It will definitely fill you up and you’d still be full 30 minutes later.

Sandwich Prices on the Menu

Sandwich Prices Subway

Sandwich Prices can be immediately found when you look up the menu in the store. All the Sandwich Prices are categorized neatly and have the list of subs and others that qualify for that specific category. Once you enter the store you will be greeted by the server and he or she will first as what type of bread you want and then you would announce your style of choice.

If you’re looking for something simple, you can always select the normal sandwiches which are cheaper on the Subway Menu.

Be sure to look at the Sandwich Prices on the menu.